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Jack Reacher coffee in the UK

3 Elements have partnered with Lee Child to produce a very special Jack Reacher blend for UK coffee lovers.

“Coffee” was the 16th word in the first Reacher book, and it has appeared in the books thousands of times since. It’s Reacher’s favourite drink and both Lee and Andrew Child drink more coffee than pretty much anyone else alive.

Jack Reacher coffee is a series of special blends specifically roasted to ignite the senses, exclusively available for readers of good thrillers and lovers of  great coffee in the United Kingdom. Find out more here.

Lee Child donates 50% of sales profits from “One Shot” and “The Sentinel” coffee to Veteran Community Initiatives.

Jack Reacher: One Shot coffee



One shot is a single origin Colombian bean, with dark chocolate, cocoa, fruit flavors with berry notes. This is a medium roast, makes for a great espresso. Read more…






Jack Reacher The Sentinel coffee


The Sentinel Blend is made up of Guatemalan, Brazilian and Kenyan 100% Arabica beans. With notes of chocolate and berry fruits, sweet and soft, this is a medium to medium dark roast blend that is perfect for all day drinking. Read more…