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Are you a budding writer?

Lee Child has launched a writing course with online learning platform BBC Maestro.

‘Writing Popular Fiction’ provides a rare look into how Lee created his iconic Jack Reacher series, and covers everything from the power of storytelling, nailing the opening sentence and building convincing characters, to the way publishing works and how to make a living from writing.

Author Lee Child photographed near his home in Suffolk.
22nd July 2022
Photographer Gareth Iwan Jones

Lee lifts the lid on his process and shows how he put as much thought into planning his career as an author as he did into his prose.

Spanning over six hours and presented in inimitable style, backed up by comprehensive notes, the 35 bespoke lessons include: ‘Ditch the Airs and Graces’, ‘Don’t Fall in Love with Your Hero’, and ‘The Back End of a Big Machine’, a unique introduction to the publishing industry.

Lee Child’s course on writing popular fiction is available now exclusively at