25 years of Reacher

Especially observant Reacher fans will know that 2022 marks twenty-five years since Killing Floor first published.

To celebrate, Waterstones will be giving Killing Floor a special anniversary treatment, with a bespoke cover design, copper foil finishes, a foreword by long-time fan Phillip Pullman.

The exclusive edition also includes a series introduction from Lee Child, where he reminisces:

“Could I write a book where Goliath was the good guy? Could there be a plucky overdog? That was the challenge. Maybe with a bit of Sherlock Holmes mixed in, because I was a big fan of his, too. So, a physical and mental giant. Could that possibly work? Who could possibly take him on? How could conflict be generated?'”

We think he did a pretty good job…

Pre-order your anniversary edition copy here